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Pinnacle Prudence Cooler Box With Wheels (2 Sizes)

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Key Features

  • Keeps cool upto 120 hours.
  • In-built side handles for comfortable lifting
  • Sturdy wheels & retractable handle for easy movement
  • Stain and odour resistant
  • Insulated body with polyurethane foam keeps food and drinks cold longer.
  • Dry lid storage compartment for personal accessories.
  • Tough, impact resistant exterior.
  • BPA Plastic Free
  • Suitable for Camping / Outdoor / Sport Activity / Beach / Picnics


SizeCarton PackingSKU
30 Litres1 Pc5111092
66 Litres1 Pc5111090


This cooler box is ideal for picnics, beach parties, camping, carry lunch for personal use. Its insulated body with polyurethane foam helps to keep food and beverages cold. Theice boxhasahandle for easy carrying. It comes with a retractable handle and a set of wheels, which make it easy to pull it around when it is heavily loaded. It also comes with soft grip side handles to let you carry it over rough terrain.

How to Keep Your Food and Drinks Cold for Longer

  • Pre-chill the food and drinks you plan on packing.
  • Fill the cooler to the top with food and drinks.
  • Freeze bottled water to store in empty spaces.
  • Store your cooler out of the sun.
  • Put the ice in last.
  • Dont drain the water when the ice melts.
  • Pack all the essentials on top.
  • Keep the lid closed.

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