Sales, Distribution & Marketing

For both the divisions, EAGM has continued to strengthen its distribution network throughout each of the countries. A very thorough market mapping exercise was conducted in 2010, to understand the markets, the presence and penetration of the brands and the potential that remains untapped. This exercise has also identified new distributors across the countries that are in the process to being appointed for a stronger brand presence in each of the countries.

Marketing activities for the brands have been stepped up, with each country having its own marketing calendars that has been created under brand guidelines and approvals from Arc International. Innovative marketing activities for the EAGM brands have been implemented to create a ‘top of mind awareness’.

To strengthen its distribution with partners, EAGM on a quarterly basis conducts Business Review Meetings with its main suppliers and customers. During this, EAGM presents the performance of its business divisions and its brands, to map performance against forecasts and budgets. This has helped all partners towards achieving the common goals.