Corporate Social Responsibility

EAGM from its inception, has been actively involved in various projects to help and improve the lifestyles of the less fortunate in their local communities. With the increase in these socially responsible activities, the Board of Directors created its own family charitable trust known as the Chandi Parivar Charitable Trust (CPCT), which handles the charitable project for EAGM and other international donors.

The various activities span through the East African region and EAGM provides its assistance in various forms eg financial, manpower, office and warehousing space, transportation & management. Below are some of the projects undertaken by the Trust with a view for long-term benefits to the communities:

» Enhancing better quality of education

» Ensuring better health care is given to the poor

» Feeding programmes for the needy children and families

» Encouraging water harvesting

» Ensuring easy access to water by drilling a bore hole for a community

» Education Sponsorship programmes